70 Vibe FM

Create your own playlist!

We all want to be a program manager at a music radio station. We are giving you the chance to populate a designated show with your music selection. What you need to do to complete the Show Manager:

  • You select the show that you want to be responsible for the play list.
  • You select your music. Depending on the show you have selected you need to fill the whole show with your music. Do remember that most shows are thee to four hours long.

You can go to our music library and search for the songs and send us the form.
We will contact you and inform you when “Your” show will be aired.
So its up to you, surprise us we might even hire you …. 

Please make your selection:

Please select only 70s music titles. Other era songs will be disregarded.
Check our music library for assistance for 70s music.

Or just sent us a music request